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Water Distribution System Installed Houston TexasMost of the water supplied to residential homes and offices comes from either a water utility service, or from wells or water storage tanks, the plumbing associated with this are referred to as water distribution systems. As is the case for most of your rural residential and commercial properties the municipal water supplier provides the water pressure that causes your water to flow when you activate a fixture such as a sink, shower, toilet, or other faucet. Some homes and even offices rely on gravity pumps to produce the necessary pressure.

But for the most part, in America, most homes will receive water from the water distribution system through a water line called a “Main” which is located in the easement of your property. This is generally where the shut-off valve is and where you will find your meter. From the municipal main water line a new part of the water distribution system branches off to a separate water line which generally runs underground to your home or property and is buried below the frost line to prevent freezing which can lead to cracks and breaks in the line. In many cases the this line of the water distribution system will enter the house directly; however, it is often met with a back-flow regulator and in some instances an additional shut-off valve (both additional facets of the overall water distribution system).

Once the water is delivered to the home it generally goes to other components of the water distribution system a hot water heater and other cold water fixtures. Texas Master Plumber works to install all components of the water distribution system from the water main, to the water heater on down the line to the fixtures.

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