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Back Flow Prevention Houston TexasBack-flow prevention is necessary to prevent potable water from becoming contaminated or polluted. Water in your pluming system is usually at a high pressure in order to service fresh, clean water to the users on demand. The pressure enables the user to draw water from the tap or shower, toilet or other fixture throughout the home.

When pressure fails or is significantly reduced because of an occlusion, ruptured pipe, or even high demand, the reduction in pressure may allow contaminants to be drawn up into the water supply from various sources. To best describe this phenomena picture how a straw works in your favorite beverage. When you suck on a straw, the pressure inside the straw becomes lower than that in the container. Since liquid moves from areas of higher pressure to lower pressure you get that refreshing splash from your favorite drink on your tastebuds! This is essentially what happens in a back flow situation. The pressure decrease allows contaminates from external sources to be siphoned into your system. This is particularly evident in homes with water sprinkler systems. When a line is damaged the back flow results in dirt from under the grass to be sucked into the water supply.

To prevent this from occurring there are devices known as back-flow preventers that live up to their name. These back flow preventers provide an air gap between the device and the plumbing system. There are other specialized back flow preventers that incorporate the use of valves in strategic locations throughout the plumbing system.

Texas Master Plumber can assist you in locating areas where back flow prevention is necessary and then install the appropriate devices to prevent back flow from occurring. While we are out there, you might even be interested in learning about how Texas Master Plumber can further improve the quality of your water by sharing some information with you about Pelican Water Filtration Systems.

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