Bradford White Water Heaters Installed in Houston and the surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. Texas Master Plumber proudly works directly with Bradford White Corporation to warranty water heaters installed in Houston. Texas Master Plumber is a preferred vendor for water heater installation and water heater repairs in the Houston area. Bradford White offers a wide array of natural gas-powered and electric-powered water heaters installed in Houston for residential and commercial use. These durable products provide years of dependable service and are designed to give you more hot water for the money. Bradford White water heaters are only sold to professionals so they are only installed by professionals. Texas Master Plumber stands behind Bradford White water heaters because Bradford White stands behind their water heaters. Bradford White uses its patented self-cleaning Hydro-Jet system to keep calcium from building up so quickly in the bottom of their water heaters keeping the water heaters efficiency in tact for a longer lasting life. Texas Master Plumber only uses the best quality water heaters in your home and workplace to make sure you don’t run out of hot water. Bradford White manufactures several different residential and commercial models to meet your needs for whichever application you desire. They make the most common residential 40 and 50 gallon gas and electric water heaters, 100 gallon gas and electric commercial water heaters and of course, tankless water heaters. Texas Master Plumber and Bradford White Water Heaters are two names you can trust when in need of a water heater installation in your home or business. Texas Master Plumber installs all water heaters to the minimum standards required by Bradford White and the state and local code enforcement agencies. Call Texas Master Plumber today to get your free estimate on your new Bradford White water heater installation.