O.K. Houston…Plumbing Permits are Required!

But first, let’s talk about WHERE plumbing permits are required. Some areas are not governed by a local municipality and the Master Plumber is the plumbing inspector in most rural areas. Only municipalities with a population of more than 5000 people are required to adopt a plumbing ordinance or bylaw to regulate the material, construction, alteration, and inspection of a plumbing fixtures through which a supply of gas, water, or sewage is carried. Any municipality that adopts a plumbing ordinance must provide an ordinance that a plumbing permit must be obtained through that municipality before plumbing repiars or plumbing installations are performed. Ony the repairing of leaks, replacement of lavatory faucets or kitchen faucets, the replacement of ballcocks or water control valves, the replacement of garbage disposals, or the replacement of commodes do not require plimbing permits unless otherwise specified by the municipality.

Now…when plumbing permits ARE required for plumbing repairs or plumbing installations, they are to be purchased by the Master Plumber overseeing the plumbing repairs or plumbing installations and a qualified licensed plumber must performed the work. The Master Plumber must be registered with the municipality and provide the proper proof of general liabiliry insurance before the plumbing permit can be purchased. A home owner may purchase a home owners permit and perform the plumbing repairs or plumbing installation themselves as long as they reside in the home when they are performing the plumbing repairs or plumbing installation. All plumbing repairs or plumbing installations that require a plumbing permit must be inspected by a qualified licensed plumbing inspector.

All of these plumbing permit requirements and more plumbing licensing requirements can be found in the “Occupation Codes” section of the Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 1301. These plumbing requirements are in place to ensure the health and safety of the public through the sanitary plumbing repairs and plumbing installation of water supply piping, gas supply piping and gas venting, sewer and drain piping, and backflow prevention. The proper plumbing repair and plumbing installation of water piping, gas piping and venting, and sanatary sewage piping helps prevent the spreading of disease and other infectious bacteria that may contaminate our potable water system otherwise. At Texas Master Plumber, we are committed to following the plumbing licensing laws and board rules to help keep our customers and communities safe from these dangers. Call Texas Master Plumber to have your plumbing repairs and plumbing installations performed by a qualified licensed plumber and help keep your family and community safe.

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