Another Successful Bradford White Warranty Repair by Texas Master Plumber!

It was just another rainy February morning in the small metro area of Pearland/Friendswood, just south of Houston, TX. The Jones family was getting their day started as usual with a quick shower before waking the children for their morning breakfast and getting them off to school. Mrs. Jones jumped into the hot steaming shower first and quickly rinsed the soap with her scrunchy and shampoo from her short easily managed hair. Without a hiccup, Mr. Jones followed her lead when she was removed and realized that there was no more hot steaming water for his morning ritual. He would

Water Heater Regulations Sugar Land and Missouri City

Sugar Land/Missouri City Plumbers/Plumbing – Water Heaters If you are installing a water heater in Sugar Land, Texas or a water heater in Missouri City, Texas, you are required by local laws to have a licensed inspector from the City’s Plumbing Department inspect the installation. Plumbers in the City of Sugar Land are required to obtain a permit for the installation of all water heaters whether they are gas fired or electric.  A licensed plumbing inspector from the City of Sugar Land/Missouri City’s Plumbing Department must inspect the installation and determine that the water heater installation was properly installed on