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RPZ Backflow Valve Testing Pearland TexasReduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Testing and Backflow Testing is a service provided by Texas Master Plumber LLC for our Pearland customers. Essentially a backflow hazard occurs when there is a possibility of the siphonage of hazardous materials into the water supply that could result in harm to human beings. RPZ and backflow prevention devices are suitable to prevent this from happening since the redundant design allows the devices to function even if both check valves are inoperable. The beauty of these devices are that they can be tested to verify they are in good working condition.

The RPZ Device is constructed with two independent check valves that is monitored by a pressure chamber located between the two valves. The pressure in the chamber is lower than the pressure of the water supply but significant enough to be of value down the line from the RPZ. The pressure relief valve automatically reduces excessive pressure in the chamber by releasing into a drain. Using a pressure meter, a qualified plumber like Texas Master Plumber is able to access the two gate valves to determine if the RPZ is functioning correctly.  Texas Master Plumber uses top of the line  differential gauges. These gauges attach to the different test cocks of the RPZ. What we are looking for is proper funtioning of the check valve springs and the relief valve spring. Because of the variations of how these valves are set up inline it is important to have a qualified plumber to test your RPZ to prevent backflow.

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If you are in Pearland Texas and have need for our services, please give Texas Master Plumber a call. We are happy to serve you. For more information about RPZ testing here is a really good article on RPZ’s.

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