It was just another rainy February morning in the small metro area of Pearland/Friendswood, just south of Houston, TX. The Jones family was getting their day started as usual with a quick shower before waking the children for their morning breakfast and getting them off to school. Mrs. Jones jumped into the hot steaming shower first and quickly rinsed the soap with her scrunchy and shampoo from her short easily managed hair. Without a hiccup, Mr. Jones followed her lead when she was removed and realized that there was no more hot steaming water for his morning ritual. He would have to suffer through the lukewarm shower as it turned even cooler, until it was just plain cold and uncomfortable. Shaking like a leaf being ripped from the stem of a tree limb by a northern wind, he dried himself as quickly as possible and dressed himself for the cold rainy day he knew was ahead of him.

When Mr. Jones reached the breakfast table, with his clothes stuck to his clammy body from the cold sticky shower, he wasted none of his valuable time googling the words “water heater repair” on his mobile device. Mr. Jones found a qualified licensed plumber with over 25 years of experience in the residential and commercial plumbing service and repair industry. Mr. Jones found Texas Master Plumber, LLC. With a click of his wrinkled finger, he called Texas Master Plumber and scheduled an appointment for same day service, as he knew this morning of cold shriveled skin would wreak havoc on the day he was not prepared to endure.

Texas Master Plumber would make this day the only day he would have to suffer through the misery of a razor cold shower first thing in the morning. They were ready to rise to the challenge and make Mr. Jones a customer for life. They called and told Mr. Jones they were on the way when he technician was dispatched and gave Mr. Jones ample time to make the miserably cautious drive back to his residence and meet the technician for the depressing diagnosis of the problem.

Upon arrival to his home, Mr. Jones showed the technician where the water heater was located in the house and stayed to watch him figure out where the water heater had taken a turn for the worst. The technician seemed pleasantly surprised at the condition of the water heater and realized it was a professional grade Bradford White water heater, made by professionals, for professionals. This could mean only one thing! It was purchased by a professional and installed by a professional, so the certified technician knew it was done the right way. Noticing the model number and serial of the water heater, the technician pulled out his uncannily smart phone and used the Bradford White Warranty App to check the superlative parts and tank warranty. In fact, the water heater was still under warranty for another 6 months! This meant the parts were free, as in no charge!

Since Texas Master Plumber sells and installs only the best professional grade water heaters, most residential Bradford White Water Heater parts are kept in stock and on their trucks. The Texas Master Plumber technician was about to take those sour lemons that Mr. Jones was served for breakfast and make the sweetest lemonade he’d ever tasted in his life. The technician made the repairs as quickly and as efficiently as possible and with minimal labor cost to Mr. Jones and his busy family. It was yet another successful Bradford White warranty repair by Texas Master Plumber.

Texas Master Plumber would like to thank Bradford White Water Heaters for allowing us to partner with such a wonderful corporation and product. You are second to none. We only sell your brand knowing it’s such a quality product and you stand behind it so proudly.

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