Houston Water Softener Installation

Houston Water Softener Solution by Texas Master Plumber A water softener is essential if you live in the Houston area. Water Softeners take hard Houston water and convert it to soft water. But many people have hard water issues and do not realize that their are some long-term costs associated with having hard water. Buying a water softener in Houston is as common as buying an air conditioner in Houston. If you have lived in Houston for any length of time you realize that you need both. There are many reviews on various kinds of water softeners but we recommend salt-free

River Oaks Plumber

A River Oaks Plumber should be the most professional plumber in Houston. River Oaks deserves a Houston plumber that will be there during the scheduled appointment window and qualified to do the work upon arrival. If you want a River Oaks Plumber that you can trust, call Texas Master Plumber and schedule your same day/next day appointment for the most qualified plumber in River Oaks. A River Oaks Plumber should be on time, in uniform, and insured for your protection. We want to be your River Oaks Plumber for all your plumbing repairs and installations. River Oaks is one of

Shower Pan Replacement | Houston Plumber | Texas Master Plumber

What is the Shower Pan? The shower pan is essentially everything that makes up the floor of the shower. The main purpose of the shower pan is is to direct the flowing water that runs off during shower usage into the drain and on towards its journey to the sewer. If the shower pan is installed properly then drainage should never be a problem. The shower pan itself consists of the liner, the drain assembly and the mortar bed flooring itself. It is imparitive that the water that goes into the drainpipe is not occluded or in the event that