Water Heater Regulations Sugar Land and Missouri City

Sugar Land/Missouri City Plumbers/Plumbing – Water Heaters If you are installing a water heater in Sugar Land, Texas or a water heater in Missouri City, Texas, you are required by local laws to have a licensed inspector from the City’s Plumbing Department inspect the installation. Plumbers in

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Pelican Salt-Free Water Filtration Systems Houston

Pelican Water Filtration Systems Houston Texas Master Plumber is a proud supplier of Pelican Water Filtration Systems in Houston, Texas. Pelican has been offering salt-free water filtration systems to the Houston area since the 1970’s. Texas Master Plumber has become a distributor of these fine salt-free water

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Bradford White Water Heaters

Texas Master Plumber installs Bradford White gas water heaters and electric water heaters for residential and commercial customers in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. Texas Master Plumber proudly works directly with Bradford White Corporation to warranty water heaters and is a preferred vendor for water heater installation and water

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